Welcome To Advance Management Services


Advance Management Services is able to manage your staffing every step of the way, including recruiting, hiring, payroll processing, and all facets of Human Resources management. We believe that talent recruitment and retention is a very important key to a successful business and we work to understand your company culture.

Medical Billing

We have an expert billing staff which routinely manage billing and coding, aging, credentialing, authorizations, revenue cycling, and much more; all while maintaining positive relationships with your patients so that they return to you as the need arises.

Property & Office Management

Property and office management can be an overwhelming challenge. At Advance Management Services, we can simplify that process with our methods of vendor maintenance, inventory maintenance, utilization of technology, staff training, and leadership development; even down to the small day-to-day tasks that become time consuming if not properly managed. We work toward building an efficient team which is focused on giving both your patients and staff a positive experience.